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Quality guarantee

To measure the quality of a puzzle, three pieces of criteria are used:

1.- Unique dies. Diversity of pieces and patterns.

The most important thing for a puzzle is for all of its pieces to be different from each other. This is the most important criteria in puzzles with a large number of pieces, as it would be impossible to finish the puzzle if the same piece fit in different places. On the market, there are many dies that do not fulfill this requirement and, therefore, you should make sure -before making your purchase- that your puzzle has unique dies so that you'll be sure you can put it together. Our dies are exclusive because we've been catering to the puzzle world since the year 2004. Thus, we provide guaranteed quality.

Solopuzzles Die

2.- Quality of the print, materials, cut, and fit of pieces.

Our puzzles are manufactured with high-quality cardboard and the pieces are cut with utmost precision. This is fundamental for the pieces to fit together without any problems - each one fitting in its corresponding place. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the printing; that's why we have the most advanced cardboard printing systems. Our graphics department analyzes each image before it goes to production to get the highest quality out of the photo that you send us.

Quality Printing

3.- Packaging and bagging.

An exquisitely finished product could not be achieved without proper packaging. That's why all of our puzzles are delivered with a high-quality, personalized cardboard box that also has the puzzle image on it. Likewise, all the pieces are bagged and we give you a free photo-guide to help solve the puzzle. The box is shrink wrapped, just like any puzzle that you would buy in a shop, because we know that many times puzzles are bought as gifts.

Solopuzzles Packaging