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These General Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, and Privacy Policy (hereinafter, "TOU") guide the use of the website (hereinafter, the "Website") owned by Kanibal Solutions S.L. (hereinafter, "Kanibal"). Kanibal is a Spanish limited liability company whose domicile is at Boulevard de Salburua Street, Number 8, Vitoria. The company is registered in the Commercial Registry of Vitoria, under volume 905, folio 150, sheet VI-7023, entry 1. Its TIN is B-01297068.
Through the site, Kanibal provides information on its products and services and offers purchasing options. Due to the contents and purpose of the Website, those who wish to benefit from its services must be "Registered Users". You can become a Registered User by completing the registration form. The condition of Registered User implies adherence to the TOU in whatever version is published at the time when the Website is accessed.
In any event, there are pages on the Website which are accessible to individuals or legal entities who do not register or start to buy a product (hereinafter, "Users"). To this end, the Users who access said parts of the Website hereby accept to submit to the terms and conditions published in these General Terms to the extent to which they are applicable.

Description of products and services
The items for sale on shall be available for sale until they are sold out.
Special offers are duly marked and identified as such. Their term of validity is effective for the period in which they appear on your screen. Said special offers can be modified or canceled without prior notice.
The civil liability of for the supplied products is limited to the amount of said products; the user or consumer hereby waives claims of any liability for any other amount in the event that he/she is not satisfied with the products purchased on this Website.
The company Kanibal Solutions, S.L. is not obliged to indemnify users for the consequences of the use of its products - whether these consequences are direct or indirect damages, accidents suffered by people, imperfections in machines and/or materials, damages to assets unrelated to the products, or loss of profits.

The prices of the services or products shown on are final. Therefore, they include Value Added Tax (VAT).
If you wish, you can receive an invoice with the VAT itemized. To do so, please send us an email indicating your order number


The user shall assume liability for the contents of the images sent to make the personalized puzzles and shall guarantee that he/she is the sole owner of the rights which exist on the images sent.

The user shall guarantee that he/she does not violate the rights of third parties in relationship with
the persons or objects shown in the photos. Likewise, the user shall assume the liability derived from possible infractions on intellectual property rights, being obliged to, at first request, hold us harmless in terms of any claims that are made to us by third parties, and being obliged to compensate Kanibal for possible damages and losses which arise as a result of the user's actions.

The user shall maintain all rights and obligations on all the data and documents sent to us. However, within the scope of the order placed, we shall have the right to use and modify the data and documents provided for the purpose of carrying out the order.


Once the order is formalized; that is to say, with the acceptance of the TOU and confirmation of the purchase, Kanibal will always send an email to the REGISTERED USER to confirm the details of the purchase made.


Kanibal shall accept order cancellation provided that manufacturing has not been undertaken. For information on the state of the order and the possibility of cancellation, you can send us an email to
Any costs incurred by Kanibal up to the cancellation of the order shall be the responsibility of the customer.


Product delivery
Kanibal hereby commits to delivering the product in perfect condition at the address that the Registered User provides on the order form.
In order to optimize delivery, we ask the Registered User to indicate an address where the order can be delivered in normal working hours.
Kanibal shall not be responsible for errors which arise from the delivery address which was input by the Registered User on the order form being incorrect, or in the case of omissions.
Delivery timeframe
The normal delivery timeframe shall be between 5 and 7 working days from the “date of confirmation of the order”
We define “date of confirmation of the order” as the date on which Kanibal has received the order placed via the website, as well as the definitive materials to make the puzzle, and the bank's confirmation of payment (in the case of payment by bank transfer). In the event that Kanibal tells the client that the materials sent are not entirely correct or that a modification is needed, the “date of confirmation of the order” shall be the date on which we have final confirmation of said new materials (in addition to the other aspects indicated).
We have an urgent manufacture line, guaranteeing delivery of the order in a maximum timeframe of 3 working days counted from the “date of confirmation of the order”. Said urgent manufacture and delivery is only available for deliveries made within the Iberian Peninsula.
Diligence in delivery
The Registered User must check the correct condition of the package before the shipping company which, in representation of Kanibal, makes delivery of the product ordered. Any anomalies detected in the packaging should be indicated on the delivery slip. If, subsequently, once the product is reviewed, the Registered User detects any incidents like a break, bump, signs of the package having been opened, or any other imperfections which may have arisen during delivery, the User hereby commits to notifying Kanibal via email in the least amount of time possible and within a maximum timeframe of 24 from delivery.


In accordance with law, the purchaser has the power to return the product in its original packaging and in a perfect state for resale in a maximum timeframe of 7 days after reception of the order.

One exception, in accordance with the provisions of article L 121-20-2 of the Consumer's Code, is that "personalized" products cannot be returned. Personalized products include any products which are printed or engraved and they cannot be returned or exchanged except for in cases of defects or errors attributable to us.


Registered Users are entirely responsible for their conduct while accessing the information on the website, while surfing the site, and after having accessed the site.
As a result of the aforementioned, Registered Users and Users are the sole parties responsible (before Kanibal and third parties) for:

  1. the consequences that can stem from the use -with illegal purposes or effect or use which goes against this document- of any website contents, whether elaborated by Kanibal or not, and whether these contents are published under the official name of Kanibal or not;
  2. as well as the consequences which can stem from use which goes against this document and which damages the interests or rights of third parties, or which may damage, disable, or deteriorate the website or its services in any way, or impede its normal use for other Users.

Kanibal reserves the right to update the website contents whenever it so deems necessary, as well as to delete contents, limit contents, or stop access to contents -whether temporarily or permanently- as well as to deny access to the website to Registered Users and Users who make bad use of its contents and/or do not comply with any of the conditions which appear in this document.
Kanibal hereby states that it does not guarantee:

  1. that access to the website and/or to linked websites will be uninterrupted or free of errors
  2. that the contents or software that Registered Users and Users access through the site is free of errors, computer viruses, or other elements which may produce alterations in your system or in the electronic documents and files stored therein, or cause other types of damage;
  3. the consequences which may arise for Registered Users and Users (in terms of personal purposes) which could stem from the information or contents of this website or linked websites.

The information contained herein must be considered by the Registered User and Users to be for informational purposes only, both in relationship with its purpose and its effects, therefore:
Kanibal does not guarantee the exactness of the information contained herein and, therefore, it does not assume any responsibility for the possible damages or inconveniences for Users which may be derived from inaccuracies on this site.


Kanibal does not assume any derived liabilities, including but not limited to:

  1. The use that the Registered Users or Users may make of the materials on this website or the linked sites, whether said use is prohibited or permitted, in violation of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights on contents of the website or of third parties.
  2. The possible damages and losses to Registered Users or Users caused by the normal or abnormal workings of the search tools, of the organization or location of the contents, and/or access to the website and, generally, errors or problems which arise while executing or undertaking the technical elements that the website or a program provides the User with.
  3. The contents of pages that Registered Users or Users can access from links included on this site, whether these links are authorized or not.
  4. The actions or omissions of third parties, independently of whether said third parties may be linked to Kanibal in a contract or not.
  5. Access by minors to the contents included on this site, with their parents or legal guardians being responsible for adequately monitoring the activity of the children or minors under their care, or to install an internet monitoring tool, in order to avoid (i) access to materials which are inappropriate for minors, as well as (ii) the sending of personal data without the prior authorization of the minor's parents or legal guardians.
  6. Conversations or dialogs through the debates, forums, chat rooms, and virtual communities which are organized through (or in relationship with) the website and/or the linked websites. Therefore, Kanibal also will not answer for the possible damages and losses that the Registered Users or private and/or collective Users have as a result of said conversations or dialogs.

Kanibal shall in no way be responsible when the following appears:

  1. Errors or delays in access to the Website by the registered User when he/she inputs his/her data into the order form, sluggishness or impossibility to receive the order confirmation, or any other anomaly which may arise if said incidents are the result of problems with the internet connection, cases of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, and any other unforeseen contingency unrelated with Kanibal's good will.
  2. Errors or incidents which may arise in communications or which have to do with erasure or incomplete transmission; thus, it is not guaranteed that the website's services will constantly be operational.
  3. Errors or damages produced to the website as a result of inefficient use of the services or as a result of the ill will of the Registered User.
  4. The operational nature, or problems, with the email direction provided by the Registered User for reception of the order confirmation.
  5. In all circumstances, Kanibal commits to solving any problems which may arise and to offering any necessary support to the Registered User to find a quick and satisfactory solution to the incident.


In the event that any clause of these TOU is declared null and void, the rest of the clauses shall continue in force and shall be interpreted bearing in mind the will of the parties and the purposes of the TOU.
Kanibal might not exercise one of the rights or powers granted herein; however, this does not imply under any circumstance a waiver of said rights and powers unless expressly recognized by Kanibal or by a statute of limitations, as applicable in each case.


Kanibal reserves the right to modify -at any time- the presentation and configuration of the website, as well as these General Conditions. Therefore, Kanibal recommends that the registered User reads said documents carefully each time he/she accesses the website. Registered Users and Users will always have these TOU available in a visible location, freely accessible for any consultations they wish to make. In any event, acceptance of these TOU shall be a required step before acquiring any products available through this website.


These TOU are guided by the Spanish laws which are applicable on the matter. To resolve any problems or conflicts in relationship with these TOU, the parties hereby agree to attorn to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Vitoria, unless another jurisdiction is dictated by law.



The Registered Users and Users hereby agree to surf this website and use its content in good will.
In compliance with that established in Organic Law 15/1999, on Personal Data Protection, we hereby inform you that by filling out any form on the Website, or sending an email to any of our mailboxes, implies acceptance of this privacy policy. Likewise, it authorizes Kanibal to process the data provided.
The data belonging to the Registered Users shall be used to send, via email, the sales made by Kanibal and it will be used for the delivery of purchases.
By just visiting the website, Users do not provide any personal data, nor are they obliged to do so.
Kanibal hereby commits to keeping the personal data entrusted thereto safe and confidential and to using it solely for the purposes indicated.
Kanibal presumes that the data is entered by its owner or by a person authorized by the owner of the data and, likewise, that it is correct and exact.
The Registered Users are responsible for updating their own data. At any time, the Registered User will have the right to access, rectify, cancel, and oppose his/her personal data. To exercise this right, the Registered User must access, entering into the section of the site titled "My Account". Therefore, the registered user is responsible for the veracity of the data and Kanibal shall not be responsible for its impreciseness.
In accordance with current law on data protection, Kanibal has adopted the proper security measures for the data provided by the registered Users and, additionally, the company has installed all the means and methods within its reach to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, and extraction of said data.